Mother’s Day, the day to recognize and thank Mom for all the many things she does and all the sacrifices she makes.

Over the last year, we’ve been witness to the reality of the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child”. Most families have had to lean on extended family and friends to get through this year of Covid tests, virtual school, and sick days at home. Moms, Step Moms, Aunties, Grandmas, and all sorts of other wonderful people have pitched in to care for our littlest treasures.

Last year we focused on how to celebrate Mom from a distance as we all experienced our first pandemic Mother’s Day. We were sure that this year we’d be back to hugs and kisses and our normal celebrations. Yet, here we are facing our second pandemic Mother’s Day. Lucky for us, we are pros at it now, right?!

Now that we’ve mastered the art of staying connected from a distance, we’ve compiled a list of five of our favourite ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in a pandemic-friendly way.

1. Walks with Mom.

What better way to celebrate Mom than with the gift of your time? In Victoria, we are lucky to have a plethora of gorgeous locations for a sunny walk with Mom. Quality time is a beautiful gift that cannot be replaced. After a long winter, the sun and warmer temperatures are a welcome treat for all…just remember 6 feet of distance and a mask!





2. A beautiful plant.

Does your mom have a green thumb and just love taking care of plants? Then clearly a plant makes a great gift for her! It’s a beautiful time of year for plants, both indoor and outdoor. If your Mom is a Gardner consider something that she can add to her garden, something that she can look at for years to come, and remember that the apple of her eye gave it to her. If she prefers to fill her home with indoor plants there are many beautiful options, both flowering and green that are easy to care for. Indoor plants have many added bonuses from cleaning the air and reducing stress to boosting productivity.





3. A carefully curated gift basket.

Maybe she loves a good bath, maybe she’s a total chocoholic, or maybe she’s a fine wine connoisseur. A well-curated gift basket will speak directly to what she loves most with a delightful collection of treats chosen specifically with her in mind. Thoughtfulness goes a long way and a gift basket could be just the thing to show her that you care and you know what she likes!




4. Take out lunch or dinner.

Since we’re talking about food, how about a lovely take-out meal? During this pandemic, something as simple as the ability to go out for a meal and socialize has presented itself as a challenge… Make the most of what we can do this year and support local restaurants this Mother’s Day. Many restaurants provide delivery so you can have something sent directly to her, or you can always pick something up and drop it off so she can see your loving smile (behind your mask of course).

5. Flowers.

Let us state the obvious: We are a flower shop so obviously, we think the best gift of all is flowers! A floral arrangement in a lovely vase or container, or a bouquet of cut flowers for her to fill her own vase with- both make lovely and thoughtful gifts. There’s something so special about flowers, they are luxurious. We love the way they speak to our senses; sight, smell and even touch. Flowers can boost your memory, your mood, and can even help you sleep better.

For some, ordering flowers can feel intimidating. We get it, sometimes you just don’t know what the best choice is. Our advice? Gift her with her favourite flowers if you know what they are (and if they are in season) or gift her with flowers in her favourite colour. If you’re not sure what she will love, let your florist use their creative talents to come up with something special just for her.

If your Mom is a big flower lover then consider the gift of a flower subscription. A subscription means you choose to have flowers sent weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly for a period of time. Cheesy as it is to say, it’s truly a gift that keeps giving!

At the flower shop, Mother’s Day is always a busy time for us. It is the perfect opportunity to honour and celebrate the Mother-figure so important in your life. We encourage you to order early, after all, there’s nobody more deserving than Mom!

Photos by Courtney Hawkins Photography

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