Brief info

Originally from the heart of Toronto, Dale and her husband came out west in 2020 looking for better weather, a change of pace, and a way to get out from being amongst so many people. We managed to rope her in with the help of fellow team member Katherine who met her at Flower School in Toronto.

Her plan when she came to BC was to run her flower truck. She was only going to be with us as temporary help. Covid had us all pivot and sadly Dale had to postpone the opening of her truck. Because of this, we managed to keep Dale a little longer than initially planned, lucky for us!

What keeps Dale coming back to Brown’s? According to her, it's the team. Moving and making new friends is hard. We are thrilled that Dale has made friends here at the shop!

A team player, she’s hardworking and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. She can go from working in the dish pit one moment to creating beautiful things for our customers the next and she does it with a smile. She’s got a quick wit, her sense of humor is absolutely effortless (and always spot on), and she cares very much about those around her.

Dale loves to learn new things, so when asked what her favourite jobs in the shop are she said, “anything I’ve never done before”. Her favourite flower was very difficult to choose, but she narrowed it down to peonies, dahlias, and zinnias.

Her advice to aspiring florists is to be prepared to work hard. This is very physical work and it’s not just playing with flowers.

We are happy for Dale that she is once again pursuing her flower truck dreams! Sadly for us, this means Dale will be stepping back from Brown’s over the summer months, coming to us again during the fall and winter, but we’re happy to have her when we can!