Brief info

Katherine was born and raised in Ontario where she is well known as the Plant Lady due to her experience working in a garden nursery during high school and a couple of summers at The Riverwood Conservancy. Katherine went to school for Advertising and Marketing Communications and worked as accounts payable/receivable for her first experience in the floral industry.

Katherine didn’t plan to live in Victoria but ended up staying to work for Brown’s in the fall of 2018, feeling right at home after driving west on what she expected to be a temporary trip. She says the atmosphere and friendly faces sealed the deal for her! Some of Katherine's favourite things about working at Brown's include being a part of people’s lives in a way that brings inherent happiness and connection, both within the flower family and with customers. In her years at Brown’s Katheirne has grown in many ways and aside from being a stunning designer, she’s also our Marketing Manager.

In her spare time, you will often find Katherine outdoors. She has been soaking up every moment possible getting to know the West Coast and our beautiful island. In fact, Katherine has put much effort into exploring her new home that she has seen more of Vancouver Island than a lot of people who were raised here. She loves to travel and has already been to 21 countries.

We asked Katherine if she could be any animal which it would be, she said that she'd actually prefer to be a Willow Tree than be an animal, providing a home for many animals, providing medicine, and for the Willow Tree's ability to bend but not break no matter how delicate they may look. Her favourite flower is the Garden rose....the really big, open ones!

In the spring of 2023 Katherine's hard work paid off as she officially became the first ever International Master Florist from Canada! This is an impressive accomplishment and we are so proud of Katherine and the floral journey that she is on.

A final word from Katherine for aspiring florists. She says "Time is the best teacher! Great florists have put a lot of hours into their skills, and there is always more to learn. "

Katherine's cheerfulness and willingness to learn makes her easy to work with, we are so happy she came our way and that she is a part of our team.