Brief info

We’ve had the absolute pleasure of having Lily on our team for the last two years. She started with us as a youngster in high school, graduated this year, and now in just a few short weeks, she’ll be off to University in Calgary!

Lily started with us in the summer after her friend who works here recommended us. We happened to need a little extra help at the time and now two years later she has become a bit of a Jill-of-all-trades in the flower shop, doing anything and everything that’s asked of her. On any given day you could find her working in the front of our shop directly with customers, creating beautiful things with flowers, or on the road delivering. While she’s still working on mastering her design skills, she makes some beautiful bouquets and handtieds!

When we asked Lily what she loves about her job she said that recently she’s really been enjoying delivering! She loves to be a part of the happiness of giving somebody flowers. She also enjoys how she’s constantly learning new things at work, whether about floral design or plants, she says she learns something new “about every hour or so”.

Lily’s favourite thing about Brown’s though, is the people. She says that at Brown’s it is like a family and she appreciates how welcoming everyone is.

Her favourite flower is lilies (cute!), and if she could choose any superpower it would be teleportation so she could just snap her fingers and be anywhere she wants!

Lily is a joy to work with. She is sweet and kind, the sort of stuff that makes her a real team player. We love that she’s ready to try anything…she’ll literally do everything that’s asked of her, even when she thinks we’re a bit crazy! Lily is honest and humble, she’s truly got no idea just how amazing she is.

We asked her if she had any words of wisdom for those considering a job in a flower shop. She said that it is not what you might think it is. “It’s a lot harder to do literally everything in the flower shop than it seems at first glance”. So, keep an open mind if you’ve decided you’d like to try out flower shop life!