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Natasha started working with Brown’s knowing nothing about floristry and has learned every aspect of the business from the ground up, being trained by some of the team that we still have today. When Chris, our previous owner, decided it was time to retire she looked from within the company and spent her last 5 years with us as Natasha’s Business Coach. Natasha is only the 5th owner of this historical business with roots that stretch back to the 1800's.

Natasha grew up on Cortez and Quadra Island, leaving at 16 years old on a year-long Rotary exchange. She went from an island of 3000 to a high school of 3000! She later went on to graduate from Royal Roads University with a Bachelor of Commerce where she says she learned to think on her feet and problem solve with a team.

Today Natasha lives in Saanich with her amazing husband Brad, kids Aydan, Evan and Carter, Carlos the dog, two cats and an assortment of fish in their outdoor pond. Natasha has a beautiful garden where she is able to grow the most amazing calla lilies in the summer, taking after her Grandfather who used to grow champion gladioli and was a floral judge!

While Natasha and her family are not related to the Brown family that started Brown’s The Florist, her mother’s maiden name is Brown and her youngest son’s middle name is Brown as a nod to both her family and her flower family at Brown’s The Florist. To read more click the link below.

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Natasha is an incredible person to work for. As her staff, we all feel very lucky to work with somebody who cares so much about us. Natasha treats everyone with love and respect, she challenges us, encourages us and helps us to grow. We really could not ask for somebody better to work for and with. Thank you, Natasha, for being the best boss in the world!!