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African Violet Care

African violets will thrive in bright, warm and humid conditions.  Remove dead flowers and leaves as soon as you see them to encourage a healthier plant. 


Bright, but not direct sunlight. They are commonly grown under fluorescent lights placed 12 to 15 inches above the leaves.


African violet plants are picky about water, so take extra care of African violets when watering. Water with lukewarm or tepid water that was allowed to stand for 48 hours. Water at the base and never splash the foliage with water; just a drop can cause foliar spots and damage. Water when the soil feels less moist to the touch. Never let growing African violets stand in water or completely dry out. 


Do not allow the temperature to fall below about 60ºF. They thrive at 70ºF.


Feed during active growth with an African violet fertilizer every other week. 14-12-14


African Violets do better when they are slightly under potted, re-pot only when necessary into a pot that is one size up. Common signs that a plant is stressed out and needs to be repotted include falling leaves and overcrowding, as well as roots that protrude from the surface of the soil.