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Agave Care


Bright sunlight year-round. Consider moving your plants outside during the summer, where they can bask in full sunlight, and make sure they get plenty of winter light.


In spring, water with warm water just as the soil begins to dry out. Don’t let the soil become completely dry. In the winter and fall, when growth is suspended, water very lightly


They prefer warm spring and summer temperatures (70-90ºF) and cooler fall and winter temps (50-60ºF).


Feed in spring and summer; do not feed during fall and winter.


Agaves do not need to be repotted every year, in fact, most species of Agave are very slow-growing and can take a long time to outgrow their pot.  When you do repot, refresh the spent soil with new potting mix and make sure the plant is firmly anchored in its pot. However, be careful not to pot the agave too deep as that will encourage stem rot during the growing season. When repotting, use a fast-draining cacti or succulent mix.

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