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Aloe Vera Care


Aloes thrive in bright light conditions, but not direct sunlight. Leaves can turn brown with direct sunlight.


It is important to let the soil dry out in between waterings.  Water your Aloe sparingly in the winter and In the summertime water deeply but infrequently. When in doubt water less than more. 


Temperatures averaging around 21-26°C are very good! Any temperature below below 10°C could kill your plant. 


Fertilize from April through September, twice a month with a low-nitrogen fertilizer, heavily diluted, such as 15-30-15, diluted to about 1 to 5.


A cactus mix or a sandy soil is great for Aloes. Repotting an Aloe Vera plant is not necessary until the upper plant gets top-heavy. The plant can stand to be root-bound, when it does become root-bound it will send up more shoots, or pups. It is normal for the transplanted plant to turn grey or brown for a while. They are in shock, keeping them in a shady spot during this period and this will help them to bounce back faster.

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