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Azalea Care

Azaleas are perennials you can grow indoors or outdoors. They bloom in the spring and summer outdoors, but indoor blooming times vary due to greenhouse propagation. 


Place the Azalea in bright, but indirect sunlight when about to bloom. Keep it entirely in the shade, out of intense, indirect sunlight when not blooming.


Water the Azalea to keep the soil moist.  Never allow the soil to dry out. Touch the soil surface to see if it feels dry. When the soil feels dry, water the plant, but do not saturate it. 


 Ideally, the temperature needs to remain at around 7°C to 12°C at night and go no higher than 20°C in the day.


Fertilizing Azaleas during the growing season will keep them healthy and flowering. With Azaleas, care should be taken to use a fertilizer specially made for acid-loving plants, 30-10-10 approx. every 2 weeks.


Re-pot only when necessary, every 3 years or so. Azaleas flower best when slightly pot-bound. Never repot a plant when it’s in bloom. Wait until after flowering and use a pot with a drainage hole.

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