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Bromeliad and Pineapple Plant Care


Bromeliads thrive in bright, sunny spaces. However, exposure to direct sunlight for an extended period of time can cause damage to the leaves. However, Pineapple and Earthstar varieties will flourish in full sun


Bromeliads are adapted to withstand drought but are much less tolerant of being over-watered, which can cause root rot.  Many Bromeliads also have a tank in which they gather water from. This is the part of the plant where the leaves meet together and form what looks like a cup.  Fill the tank with water, preferably rainwater or distilled and be sure to flush it regularly to prevent water stagnation.

Water the surrounding soil when the top 1 to 2 inches of soil becomes dry. With non “tank” varieties keep the soil moist but never wet. 

Note: Bromeliads are sensitive to metals, it is important not to use a metal watering can while watering. 


Bromeliads enjoy temperatures between 24ºC and 32ºC and also prefer 60% humidity. Use a spray bottle to mist the plant regularly. 


Occasionally you will want to use a water-soluble fertilizer. Never place fertilizer in a Bromeliads central tank, fertilize around the Bromeliads base. Bromeliads are slow-growing plants, too much fertilizer can cause the leaves to become leggy and vibrant colours to diminish.


Never use soil when potting your bromeliad. It is too dense and will not allow for the quick drainage that bromeliads require. Instead, use potting mixes specially formulated for bromeliads or mix your own using peat-based soil mix and sand.

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