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Carnivorous Plant Care



Carnivorous plants should be placed in good bright light with or without direct sun, but not direct summer sun during the hottest part of the day.


Water regularly from spring to autumn keeping the soil constantly wet, water more sparingly in the winter.  Mist the leaves regularly and try to maintain a humid atmosphere around the plant.  


Keep the Sundew at a temperature of 7-32ºC. 


These plants do not require fertilizing.  


Use about 1/3 clean sand + 2/3 Peat Moss. A 50/50 blend of peat moss and sand also works well but will dry out quicker. Do not use potting soil. Repotting is needed when the plant appears crowded, dries out too quickly or has divided into two or more plants. Early spring is the best time to replant. 

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