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Christmas Cactus Care (Zygocactus)


While the Christmas Cactus can adapt to low light, more abundant blooms are produced on plants that have been exposed to a high indirect light.


When watering, thoroughly water the plant. Let the top 1” of soil dry out in between waterings.  Do not let a Christmas Cactus completely dry out in between waterings. They also like humidity so mist the leaves often.


The Christmas Cactus prefers warm temperatures around 21°C and evening temperatures of 15-18°C, although evening temperatures of 10-12°C can be used to initiate flower bud formation. Make sure you keep the Christmas Cactus away from drafts from heat vents, fireplaces or other sources of hot air. 


Generally, the plant should be fertilized two to four times a year with a 20-20-20 feed, but stop feeding about a month before the buds appear


All-purpose potting soil mixed with about 30 percent sand or what is known as a bromeliad potting soil mix works best for Christmas Cactus. Plants should be repotted every two or three years, or whenever the pot is filled with roots and the soil appears to be depleted of nutrients.

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