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Coffee Plant Care


Give a Coffee Plant the medium light of a somewhat shady window. A little direct sun is fine, but take care not to allow more than an hour per day of direct sun.


Keep soil thoroughly moist in spring and summer, barely moist in fall and winter and don’t forget to provide good drainage! Mist the Coffee Plant leaves several times a week to increase the humidity. Humidity is crucial to coffee plants. A tray of pebbles under the pot does help increase humidity around the plant.


Place the plant in a location that does not get below 16°C. While the plant will not tolerate cool conditions, it does adapt well to home environments between 16-24°C.


Feed every 2 weeks spring and summer with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted by half.


Coffee Plants love peat moss based potting mixes. Re-pot the coffee plant every spring in the next size bigger pot. Coffee Plants grow rapidly and outgrow their pot each year.

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