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Croton Care


Crotons need a very brightly lit location so that they keep their bright colors. They enjoy a western or southern window location, avoiding direct summer sun. If they have plenty of light, the leaves will have more variegation and the colors will be brighter.


Crotons need to have their soil evenly moist at all times; they tend to wilt easily if the soil is too dry. Water generously from spring to autumn and more sparingly in winter.  These plants also prefer a location with higher humidity, mist regularly. If the humidity isn’t high enough, the plants will drop some of their leaves and the color of the leaves may not be as vibrant.


They need to be kept at a minimum temperature of 15°C during the night and around 21°C during the daytime. If they aren’t kept at this temperature, they will begin to drop their leaves.


Feed regularly with a well-balanced, 20-20-20 fertilizer in spring and summer months.


Repot in spring, only when the plant has outgrown its existing container. 

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