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Commonly known as Siam Tulip


Place in a bright location with filtered light, avoiding direct sunlight as it can burn the leaves of the plant.


Keep the soil lightly moist during the growing season. Use a pot with a drainage hole to prevent soggy soil.  Use a pebble tray or room humidifier to increase the moisture in the air. 


Siam Tulip likes temperatures around 18-21°C year-round.


Feed monthly with a 10-20-10 liquid fertilizer diluted by half while the Siam Tulip Plant is growing and flowering.


Siam Tulip blooms mid-summer, late summer and early fall.  Bloom colour can be pink, magenta (pink-purple). The plant will go dormant through winter, trim off dead or damaged leaves, do not fertilize and water sparingly for about 3 months until new growth appears.  Continue with normal care in spring.


Siam Tulip prefers well-draining moist soil, most regular potting soils should be fine.

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