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Dwarf Lemon Cypress


Place in a location that receives a lot of light, an east-facing window is best.  Lemon Cypress requires 6-8 hours of direct sun per day, they are not shade tolerant.  Rotate the plant regularly so each side of the plant receives some sun.  


Water regularly whenever the soil is dry, let the top 1 inch of soil dry out in between waterings.  Don’t let the plant stand in water.  


They do best with cooler indoor temperatures, between 10°C to 21°C. 15 °C or lower is ideal in winter.  


Fertilize just once a year, in early spring, using a balanced fertilizer with a 10-10-10 formula.


The trees require well-draining soil but are not picky about whether it is loamy, sandy or chalky. They also accept acidic, neutral or alkaline soil.

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