Ferns do best with indirect lighting.  A north-facing window is ideal although during the winter months, when the sun is low on the horizon, an east window is fine for these plants.  Avoid south and west-facing windows, as the intense sunlight may scald the leaves or fronds of the ferns.


Consistent watering, keeping the soil evenly moist, not wet, is also key to the health and well being of the plants.  Overwatering causes the fronds to yellow and wilt. Too little water also causes the fronds to wilt. 


Most Ferns thrive in an environment that is consistently 18 24°C. Humidity is essential; none of the popular household ferns can tolerate dry conditions for long. Their fronds will quickly turn brown, and they will begin to drop leaves. Mist your Ferns as often, preferably in the morning.  


Ferns require only light feedings of fertilizer once a month, from April through September.  Apply liquid houseplant fertilizer at about one-half the recommended rate. Newly potted plants should not be fertilized for four to six months.


Ferns will require repotting every few years.  Re-pot in the spring, using a soil mix that is 50 percent peat moss. 

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