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Jasmine Care


Jasmine prefers a bright light location and can even handle some direct sunlight.


Never let the dirt dry out, even during the winter when the plant is in bloom. Good drainage is important, too, so ideally, the soil should be slightly moist all year, but never saturated.


Normally Jasmine prefers temperatures between 5-15ºC during the night and loves the heat during the summer months. If your plant doesn’t bloom, chances are it didn’t get the cool period during fall it needs to stimulate blooms. 


Feed with a weak liquid fertilizer throughout the growing season.


Jasmines that do well as potted plants have pure white flowers that are intensely sweet fragrance.


Any standard peat-based or coir-based potting with added drainage material will do a good job. Re-pot in the spring and prune aggressively at the beginning of the growing season to control rampant growth and provide some kind of growing support.

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