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Palm Care

Although there are many varieties of palms, they all require similar conditions to grow their best!


A fairly bright room without direct sunlight is advised. Too much sun can cause scorched leaves.  Parlour and Kentia palms can thrive in lower light conditions. 


All palms require good drainage.  Water more liberally in spring and summer allowing the top 1 to 2 inches of soil to dry before watering again. Do not over water, especially during the winter time. Water sparingly in the winter.  Mist leaves regularly if room is heated.


Average room temperatures of 15°C – 24°C are suitable and no lower than 13°C. Sudden cold temperature drops and cold drafts can cause the leaves to display brown spots. Parlour and Kentia palms should not exceed 15°C during winter nights.  


During spring and summer feed with a palm fertilizer or just a standard diluted feed. After repotting with new potting mix do not use fertilizer for 2 months.


When re-potting – take care not to disturb the plant too much and only sit it as deep as it was previously in the soil.  This plant prefers being pot bound to a certain degree, so re-pot every three years.

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