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Lipstick Plant Care




These plants can handle medium to bright indirect light. Medium indirect light is enough to support the plant, but it is not always enough to encourage blooming. If you want to promote flowers, then this houseplant requires plenty of bright indirect light. If you place your Lipstick Plant outdoors in the warmer months, make sure to place it in a shady spot. Avoid direct sunlight as this can be damaging. 


Lipstick Plants prefer soil that is constantly damp, but still be careful not to over-water. Wait until the top few inches of the soil dry out before watering. Aeschynanthus may need more frequent watering when the plant is blooming and less water while dormant.


Warm in summer, cool in winter, but with a minimum of 13℃ (55℉). If you want to promote flowering, then make sure to provide warmer temperatures. Lipstick Plants love to be outside for the summer as the warm temperatures encourage new growth



Fertilize your Lipstick Plants in summer months when the houseplant is actively growing to help promote new growth and blooming. A diluted complete liquid fertilizer, a fish/seaweed emulsion, or a slow-release fertilizer can all work very well for Lipstick Plants. 


Potting soil that is rich in nutrients and organic matter, but still has the ability to drain well is the perfect growing medium for all Lipstick Plants.