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Mandevilla Vine Care


Bright light with some direct sunlight. Plants that don’t get enough light will grow tall and leggy, with few blooms.


Unlike many flowering plants, Mandevilla will tolerate some dryness and continue to flower. That said, they prefer a consistent level of moisture and you should try to keep the soil damp, not wet. When watering, make sure to water slowly to give the soil time to soak up the moisture. 


The average temperature Mandevilla Vines like are 18°C – 29°C. Make sure you take in your plant before evening temperatures dip below 12°C.


Feed every 2 weeks with a high-potassium fertilizer while the plant is growing and flowering.


For consistent production of flowers, don’t transplant your Mandevilla into too large a container. If your plant is root-bound and does need a bigger pot, look for one that is wider, but not much deeper.

Dormant Winter Care:

Prune mandevilla 8-10” and water plant thoroughly, store in a cool dark location indoors giving it enough water to stay alive (every 2-3 weeks or so).  Once the vine sends up new shoots, move it into light indoors. Set outside after last frost and night temperature stays above 12 °C.

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