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Money Tree Care

Pachira Aquatica


Money Tree plants prefer a medium amount of light and do very well in indirect sunlight and even partial shade.


Water when the top 2-3 inches of the soil is dry, keeping the deeper soil moist, but not wet. The Money Tree may need more water in hot environments or when indoor air is dry. A daily light misting provides the extra humidity that Money Trees prefer.  Water more sparingly in the winter.  


Temperatures between 16 – 24 °C is preferred.  


A quarterly dose of timed-release fertilizer is the easiest way to feed your Money Tree, but a twice-monthly dose of half-strength water-soluble fertilizer throughout the spring and summer will also provide the nutrients your Money Tree needs.


A Money Tree thrives best in soil that is slightly dry and has good drainage. Using potting soil, or other rich soil that contains a large amount of pearlite helps with drainage and retains moisture. A good choice of soil is medium cactus soil or potting soil with river sand added.

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