Deliciosa, Swiss cheese vine


Place Monstera plants in a location with bright to moderate indirect light. Avoid direct sun.


Water regularly, keeping the soil moist, but not soggy from spring to autumn. During winter let the top of the soil dry just slightly between waterings.  Yellowing leaves may indicate overwatering, or poor drainage. Mist leaves regularly if room is heated.


Prefers warm and humid conditions.  Keep above 15 °C from spring to autumn and no lower than 10 °C in winter.  


Use a half-strength tropical house plant fertilizer every time you water in the summer and spring. Do not fertilize in fall and winter.



Repot in spring every 2 years when the plant is young.  When the plant is fully matured repotting is less necessary,  top-up annually with fresh soil.

Provide a climbing support, like a moss-covered stick, to grow the plant tall.

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