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Myrtle Care

Myrtus Communis


Myrtle prefer bright light with some direct sun. Avoid direct afternoon sun in the summer months.


Water regularly from spring to fall, more sparingly in the winter. Soil should be kept moist but not wet.  Mist the leaves frequently.


Myrtle prefers a dormant period during winter, when it should be kept in a light, cool position at about 10°C. Do not put Myrtle above the fireplace or near heaters, as this will cause the plant to dry out quickly.


Feed with low nitrogen fertilizer every two weeks from spring to fall; do not feed during the winter months. Myrtle that is fertilized too often will need more pruning to maintain its shape.


Make sure you use a rich potting soil that will retain water, yet drains well.  African Violet soil would work well. Re-pot only when necessary in the spring.


You can prune Myrtle in the mid-summer, after the foliage has hardened off. Trimming in the spring when the growth appears can damage the plant.

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