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Peace Lily Care



Place peace lily in a location with bright indirect light in the winter and a semi-shaded location in the summer.  Avoid direct sunlight.  


Water regularly to keep soil moist, let the top of the soil dry slightly in between waterings.  Water more sparingly in winter. Mist leaves regularly. Peace lily plants are very forgiving, If you find your plant completely depleted with fronds flat over pot edge because of missed waterings,  water and mist the plant right away and you will be surprised how quickly the plant can revive.  


The Peace Lily likes temperature ranging from 18-26°C. Cold drafts will harm the Peace Lily, make sure to keep it away from non-insulated windows and screen doors. 


While not every grower fertilizes the Peace Lily, those who want the best blooms make sure they fertilize during the spring and summer growing season. Feed a general houseplant fertilizer (20-20-20) at one-half or one-quarter recommended strength once per month spring through summer.


The white blooms of the Peace Lily generally appear in the spring as more of a modified leaf, a “bract,” than a multi-petaled flower. After blooms fade, a period of non-blooming follows.

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