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Poinsettia Care


Place your poinsettia plant near a sunny window where it will have the most available sunlight. A window that faces south, east or west is better than one facing north. Keep the plant away from cold window panes as they are sensitive to cold.


Water regularly and thoroughly.  Wait until soil is moderately dry in between waterings. Water immediately if leaves begin to wilt.  Mist leaves frequently.  


Ideally, keep the plant at 18-24°C during the daylight hours and, if possible, move it to a cooler place at night, no lower than 15°C. Avoid exposing the plant to hot or cold drafts, which may cause premature leaf drop.


Do not fertilize your plant when it is in bloom! 

Care after flowering:

The plant should be discarded.  Plants can be kept to bloom again the following year but the process is tedious and lengthy with strict lighting schedules in autumn.

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