Pothos is a very versatile plant that can tolerate the lower light levels or bright filtered light of a home. The yellow variegations of the plant become more pronounced when exposed to greater amounts of light.  Avoid direct sunlight


Let soil dry out slightly in between waterings.  Watering more liberally in spring to autumn and sparingly in the winter.  Mist leaves frequently.  


Average warmth with a minimum of 10 °C in the winter.


Feed monthly to bi-monthly, with any balanced houseplant fertilizer.


Pothos prefer a slightly acidic soil, but any well-draining potting mix will suffice. If necessary re-potting in spring is best.   Pothos can be easily propagated, take stem cuttings in spring or summer and use a rooting hormone. Keep compost rather dry and leave in a dark room until rooted. 

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