Snake plants prefer bright, indirect light and can even adapt to direct sun and also a degree of shade.


Water moderately letting the soil dry between waterings from spring to autumn. During winter water very sparingly, about once or twice a month. The biggest danger with Snake Plants is over watering, especially in the winter months.


They prefer warmth and will suffer if exposed to temperatures below 10ºC. 


Feed a mild cactus fertilizer during the growing season; do not fertilizer in the winter.


The Snake Plant can be divided easily during repotting. Alternatively, new shoots, which emerge from the soil as spikes, can be taken and potted independently. 


Snake plants rarely need repotting as they respond well to cramped conditions.  However, if roots are showing signs of splitting the pot re-pot in spring using a loose, well-drained potting mix. They will do well in sandier soils.

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