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Staghorn Fern


Bright indirect light, avoiding direct hot summer sun.  Staghorn ferns do not tolerate low-light conditions.  


Let soil dry out slightly between waterings.  The fern also absorbs moisture through its fronds so misting regularly is recommended.  If the fern is mounted on a plank or surface, soak the plant for 1 minute and let drip dry before re-hanging.  


Average household temperatures are ideal.  Winter minimum of 10℃.


Fertilize monthly with a well-balanced fertilizer (20-20-20) from Spring to Summer.  Every other month Fall to Winter.


Use a well-draining potting soil if left potted in a container with plenty of drainage.  This will help reduce the potential of root rot.  Staghorn ferns are an epiphyte (like orchids and air plants) meaning in the wild they are found living on trees with their roots exposed.  They can be displayed hanging or mounted on boards/planks, which can be done by covering the root ball with sphagnum moss and then securing to a plank of wood.


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