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Succulent Senecio

String of Pearls – Beans – Dolphins


Senecio plants prefer full sun but can adapt to medium light as well.  A south-facing window is preferred. In winter, give the plants the brightest, sunniest location you can find.



String of Pearls succulent should be kept at an average indoor temperature of 70° – 80° degrees Fahrenheit. During winter, keep the plant at a cool temperature – around 55° – 60° degrees Fahrenheit.  Keep plants away from drafts and open windows as cold air may cause the leaves to drop.



As succulents, these plants have excellent tolerance for drought. For most types, allow the roots to dry out completely between waterings. Too much water will cause roots and plants to turn mushy.


Soil & fertilizing:

Senecio succulent plants prefer well-draining soil.  Commercially available cactus/succulent mixes are fine for this plant, but you can also make your own mix at home. Simply combine 2 parts potting soil, 1 part pumice or perlite, and 1 part sand.  Fertilize annually, but lightly. 


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