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Tacca Bat Flower Care


The Tacca Bat plant should be placed in a bright location, avoiding direct sun.  Most have had better success with locations that have plenty of good air circulation.


Keep the Tacca Bat Flowers soil consistently moist but not soggy.. This plant requires a 50-70% humid climate to survive; mist regularly.  


A steady temperature of 18-21°C year-round is required for the Tacca Bat Flower.


Feed every two weeks with a 10-20-10 liquid fertilizer diluted by half while plant is growing and flowering.


Tacca Bat Flower will start to bloom after it has produced at least two leaves and may bloom up to eight times in one season.  It typically blooms from late summer through the fall.


Any standard orchid mix would serve your Tacca Bat Flower Plant very well. Re-pot root-bound Tacca Bat Flower in the spring, after it has flowered, but before new growth occurs.  Remember the Black Bat Flower is a very tender plant so be as gentle as you can be with it.

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