If you keep up with home design trends or wedding trends, if you are on just about any social media platform or happen to have turned on HGTV anytime recently then you’ve probably noticed how much plants are used as accents and finishing touches to all kinds of spaces. House plants as a finishing touch can really take space from bland to warm, friendly and peaceful.

Every day at the shop we get customers coming in looking for just the right plant to add to their space. This often results in plant-related questions, and many of those questions we hear again and again. They range from “how big will this plant get?” to “what’s a good plant for an office without much light?” One of the most common questions we get is “is there a plant that I can’t kill?” It’s true that not everyone has a green thumb and that’s ok…we all have our strengths!

We can’t guarantee that any particular plant can’t be killed…let’s be perfectly honest here, even the hardiest plant can be loved to death. But, there are certain plants that we recommend for those of you who might be a bit on the black thumbed end of the spectrum. So here it is, our top five list of plants for non-plant people:

1. Sanseveria

These are one of our go-to’s for people who tell us they love plants but have a hard time caring for them. Commonly known as Snake Plant, they come in a number of different colours and varieties. We see them in sizes ranging from 4” pots all the way up to large floor plants. You may have heard our staff refer to these plants as nearly bullet-proof and that’s because they truly are one of the hardiest and low-maintenance plants for indoors. 

Ideally, they like bright indirect light but they will adapt to lower light, and even direct sun as long as it’s not too hot. When it comes to water the worst thing you can do is over-water it. During the cooler winter months, these guys only need to be watered about once or twice a month. Otherwise, let them dry out fairly well between waterings.

2. Zamioculcus

Zamioculcus is a bit of a mouthful. Commonly known as a ZZ plant, these guys are tremendously popular. They have a beautiful, striking look to them with lovely dark green, glossy leaves, and fleshy arching stems…it’s easy to see why they are popular. Combine their beauty with the fact that they are incredibly easy to care for and you’ve got a real winner!

They like bright to moderate light but can tolerate lower levels too. Due to their fleshy stems and leaves, they don’t need a whole lot of water. They are drought tolerant and it is best to let the top 2-3 inches of soil dry between waterings.

3. Pothos

We love a good pothos plant! They are a beautiful, easy-care option: they trail, climb or hang. They sit nicely on top of a tall bookshelf or cabinet or can be hung on a hook from the ceiling in a lovely plant hanger. There are several varieties and we love them all. The markings and variegations on their leaves become brighter and more pronounced when they have brighter light, but they are very tolerant of lower light as well. So if you’re in a basement suite or need something for a low-light office, this is a fantastic choice.

Pothos are easy to care for. They need water roughly once a week or once the soil has dried moderately between waterings, and they like an average room temperature. They are low maintenance and quite forgiving making a very good choice for the plant-challenged.

4. Monstera

Monsteras have been hugely popular over the last number of years and it’s evident why. They are a stunning plant with large leaves that really lend to that jungle feeling. The holes in the leaves provide a lot of visual interest and these plants are easy to care for!

We see Monsteras in several sizes from little 4” and 6” pots all the way up to larger 12”-14” pots. Typically the smaller, younger plants don’t have holes in their leaves yet. This is because those plants are still young. The holes will come as the plant grows and matures….and boy do they ever grow! One of our favourite Monstera characteristics is how much growth happens very quickly. There’s nothing like seeing your plant growing to give you a sense of accomplishment!

Monstera prefers bright, indirect light and likes moisture, both in the soil and in the air. It’s best to keep the soil moist but not soggy so water this plant regularly. Mist the leaves regularly as well, especially if the room is heated.

5. Spider Plant

Spider Plants are such a pretty plant and another hanging plant to make our list. We love their beautiful long leaves and the striped variegation on them. While all plants purify the air in some capacity, Spider Plants are commonly known to be excellent air purifiers, even making the list of NASA’s top air-purifying plants.

These plants will thrive in fairly diverse conditions. They would prefer bright, indirect light but will live quite happily in light ranging from semi-shade to partial direct sun. During the summer they prefer to be watered liberally, letting the top layer of soil dry between waterings. In the winter they can be watered a little more sparingly.

So there you have it, there are good plant choices out there for everyone from the plant enthusiast to the non-planty person who just wants to add a little life to their space without killing anything. All it takes is some thought, a little advice from a pro, and some determination once you get your new plants home. You too can keep a plant alive, we believe in you!


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