When you think of winter you probably think of cold temperatures, shorter days, and generally unpleasant weather. It’s certainly not a time of year that conjures up thoughts of lush gardens filled with flowers of all shapes, sizes, and colours. 

But, there are some really amazing flowers this time of year that we don’t get to enjoy when it’s warm out, so let’s get cozy and take some time to appreciate the beauty around us… here are our top 5 favourite winter flowers:

  1. Amaryllis

We LOVE Amaryllis. They’re big, they’re dramatic, and they’re only available for a short time making them a real luxury.

Amaryllis is a flowering bulb native to South Africa. The word Amaryllis comes from the Greek word amarysso, which means “to sparkle” and sparkle they do!! The large trumpet shaped flowers bloom over a few weeks which makes them a fantastic gift to last the entire holiday season, they are truly stunning. Amaryllis plants are very easy to care for and the bulbs can grow and re-bloom year after year making them great value for your money.

Amaryllis is also available as a cut flower to add some drama to any floral arrangement. We see these show stopping blossoms in an array of whites, reds, pinks, peaches, oranges, and sometimes even in variegated tones.  Request Amaryllis in the floral gift you plan to send to a loved one, or add them to your bridal bouquet for your winter wedding…they work for any occasion!

2. Hellebore

There is much to admire about the lovely hellebore….they come in several colours, they are hardy and last very well as a cut flower, and they add a touch of that gardeny feel to a floral arrangement at a time when there’s not much locally available.

Helleborus consists of 20 different species of herbaceous perennials which bloom from winter through spring. Did you know that they are a part of the buttercup family? These little beauties can be a bit moody… on one hand, they symbolize peace, serenity, and tranquility while on the other hand, they can also symbolize anxiety, stress, and scandal. How juicy! 

In keeping up with their scandalous side, these flowers are toxic so be sure to keep them away from pets and children and resist any urge to eat them…they should be admired with your eyes only!

3. Skimmia

We love a little skimmia in the shop this time of year! A beautiful accent, Skimmia adds texture and interest to floral arrangements.

Berries are very popular throughout the year, especially during winter. Skimmia has a little more of a delicate, charming look than some of the bigger berries we often see in the flower shop. It comes in marvelous tones of white and red, and both options complement other flowers beautifully. Of course, we love that we are able to get them locally through the winter. Interestingly, and sadly, not much is known about the symbolism of Skimmia….but what we do know is that they are a pretty tough little plant that makes a stylish cut flower!

4. Waxflower

While waxflower is not available to us locally during the winter, it is available as an import from trusted suppliers. Typically at this time of year wax flower comes from our friendly neighbors to the south in sunny California.

It’s a fantastic alternative to Baby’s Breath and truly a lovely accent for just about any combination of flowers. We love that it has a little bit of a citrusy scent to it, and we love how sweet its little blossoms are (they’re so cute and tiny!). They come in an array of whites and pinks, and at times we even see them in dyed tones of yellows and oranges! Fun fact: Wax Flower can grow as tall as 10 feet!! Ask for waxflower as an accent next time you order roses and you’ll easily see why they made our top 5 list this winter!

5. Roses

Roses are another flower that doesn’t naturally grow during winter in our climate, but lucky for us we are able to get them locally grown at a greenhouse here in Victoria all year round, making them the perfect choice to round out our top 5.

Local farmers at Eurosa Farms in Brentwood Bay grow roses, garden roses, and mini roses in almost any colour you can think of. The quality of these beautiful blooms is top notch and they last beautifully as a cut flower. Want traditional reds and whites for the holidays? No problem, we can get those locally. Do you prefer something a little less traditional for the season? We can get that too! Hot pink, soft pink, yellow, peach, lavender, orange, and so many choices in between!

While they did not make our top 5 list due to the fact that they are foliage rather than flowers, an honorable mention most certainly goes to winter greens such as fir, cedar, pine, magnolia branches, and the many different twigs, sticks, and branches available this time of year! Without stunning, fragrant winter greens the season just wouldn’t feel right!


Written by Amanda Vallis