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Yucca Care


Requires bright, full of filtered sunlight, acclimate slowly to full, direct sunlight.  Yuccas thrive in full sunlight so they’re perfect for that west-facing window.


Allow soil to dry completely between waterings, the top 1/3 of soil should dry out before watering.  Do not let the plant stand in excess water. Yucca are highly sensitive to becoming waterlogged.


Yucca can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, but the average house temperature is best.  In winter no lower than 7 °C.


Apply fertilizer at least once a year, in the early summer.


Yucca is a relatively slow-growing plant that should only need to be repotted every other year. They do well slightly pot-bound, as long as they don’t become heavy enough to tip over their containers. Repotting large yucca plants can be difficult, so larger plants can be refreshed with new potting soil by digging out the top two inches of the container and adding new soil. During typical repotting, remove the yucca plant from its container and go up one container size. Always use fresh potting soil.

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